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8.3 红人合作基础——细致、专业的红人开发信 Blogger Program
2017-11-15 17:22
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We are Shenzhen Topology Information Technology Ltd Co., we are a fast-growing digital marketing company that helps hundreds of Chinese export/cross-border E-Commerce companies to promote their products overseas, via Google, Facebook, blogging, YouTube, etc. Our clients' products vary from fashion/dress, consumer electronics to outdoor & sports, household articles, etc.


We have experience on influencer marketing, and now we are looking for some bloggers/reviewers/YouTuber to promote products. If you are interested, please contact us with below information:

  1. How many years of blogging you have? Do you own a self-host blog, or do you own a blog under a platform, or you don't have your own blog yet.

  2. Do you write blog for general topic or do you write blog for particular topic like fashion, costume, lifestyle, consumer electronics, household articles, sports & outdoor, etc. Please note that you can write for one topic or multiple topics.

  3. Some blog(s) you wrote, or video(s) that you recorded before, especially these that can really attract readers.

  4. Other details like whether you have any contract with other companies related to blog.

In return, we will offer you below benefits for your blog:

  1. Free sample

  2. Surprise DISCOUNT for next item purchased

  3. List your name in our website (traffic daily more than 500 UV/day) and Facebook page (more than 1000 fans)

  4. Other benefit(s) that you want to discuss

If you are interested and want to know more about how we cooperate with bloggers previously, you can refer to blow blog:


Consumer Electronics:


If you want to join it or you have further question, please feel free to WhatsApp me Steven at +86 13686840601, or you can leave your message below or email us at, thank you!